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The question of whether to restore, repair, or preserve old fashioned carpets can be based upon the circumstances. Before we explore this matter here is a very brief historical review of rugs.

Few Oriental rugs exist that were created prior to year 1500 A.D. With all the passage time, wool textiles oxidize and crumble. Persian and Chinese hand-tied rugs consisted primarily of wool, as well as silk, to the knotting pile. The upright loom is used to construct the warp and then the weft on which the knots are tied. The knots leave a depression in the back on the rug and also this helps to create the finished texture to the pile. The warping with the ends in the rugs later becomes the rug fringes and is also finished off in two alternative methods: either knotting or overcasting the fringe ends. The rug side cords secure the sides.

Rug knots can include two types: the Persian, often known as the asymmetric knot along with the Turkish, also known as the symmetrical knot. The symmetrical Turkish knot can be used overall rugs stated in Turkey, Caucasus, Turkistan, Northwest Iran (formerly Persia), plus some tribal weaving areas within the south of Iran.

Dyeing wool and silk can be an art. For this reason, color matching is critical with regards to antique rugs. Repair, restoration, and preservation all require experiencing the right combination of color, wool and design correspond the structure along with the feel within the rug. Dyes can be resulting from natural substances or synthetic chemical sources. Modern synthetic red dyes are made in Germany and Switzerland by employing high-quality chrome Ciba Geiger dyes which produce different shades of red.

Antique rug repair is an art form. To match the colors, wools need to be blended by strand, age and type to recreate the texture and luster. This requires the restorer to re-dye and re-spin the wool to achieve the right color match. Replicating the rug design for repairing holes requires the use of an digital camera and a computer that records one knot at a time to provide the rug repair technician with a knot-by-knot blueprint. Rebuilding the warp along with the weft - the carpet's foundation - necessitates meticulous attention and detailed analysis.

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The question of if they should restore, repair, or preserve a traditional area rugs rely upon the conditions.

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