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As dust and dirt fall on your furniture, the same is true it on your drapes. Regular cleaning enhances the life and looks of drapery keeping your room looking brighter and neater and creating a healthier living environment.

This is how it works:

Step 1: Complete Inspection, first we identify any conditions that could present cleaning challenges such as, permanent stains, sunlight damage, etc. We could ensure that you get the test of what type results we expect.

Step 2: Pre-Vacuum Dry soil removing is the main step in cleaning textiles. Your drapes are going to be completely vacuumed to eliminate dust and dry soils.

Step 3: Our uniquely treated sponges

are going to be useful to remove soil. These sponges are coated with dry-cleaning solvents modest have liquid in that person. These dry sponges are perfect for removing oil based soils that are airborne when you are cooking in the kitchen.

Step 4: Post Spot Removal of spots not removed during the previous process will be treated with the correct cleaner.

Step 5: We use a solution made used just for drapes that displaces soils and brightens the drapes while doing so. This agent is lightly misted on the drapes.

Step 6: Post Inspection The technician will go across the cleaning results on hand when finished.

Our Experts use methodologies for cleaning your drapery that happen to be above the rest.

Drapery may be a sensitive item that needs special care. There are lots of styles of fabric that can shrink or get damaged if not handled correctly. Our drapery service is guaranteed with our professional machinery. We'll come get your drapes, then within days we'll deliver them and set them up fresh and clean.

We are serving the Brooklyn, Queens; Staten Island, Bronx, Riverdale, Manhattan and the New Jersey areas.

Completely Safe & Non-Toxic Cleaning Agents Used

We treat all cleaning cases individually and with care to assure, your satisfaction with the results. Our cleaning solutions contain safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally safe cleaning fluids.

We thank you for picking us as your rug and carpet cleaners for the past thirty years.

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