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Dust mites go on dead skin that falls off after sleeping. It's not the dust mite that is harmful, it is the fecal matter of the dust mite, which is lighter than air, which gets breathed in as you sleep that is the danger. Indoor polluting of the environment ranks high on environmental risks to the public health. You sleep about roughly 1/3 of your life; because of this you will breathe in the waste matter more heavily eight hours a day. Latest studies have shown that 40% of Americans that are suffering from any allergy suffer because of dust mites accumulated from the mattress, and the home. It is equally known that 90% of people that suffer from asthma have an allergy towards dust mite.

Remember also your pets release dust mites like humans, this also causes more pet allergies for us. To take on the dust mites attributed to pets its best you groom your pets outside.

When cleaning your mattress, the initial thing we do is vacuum it. Then, we clean the mattress with a low moisture tool. The dust mite therapy is then sprayed on the mattress. The very last step can be drying the mattress.

Tips for Reducing Indoor Allergens

Following, are a couple of strategies of reducing indoor allergens in your abode and specifically, in your carpeting - assisting you to you want to keep “home sweet home” a nutritious site for you you:

. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. This cannot be stressed enough. You should vacuum one or more times one week; more regularly if you have any pets. This vacuuming helps to rid your carpet of dust, dust mite feces, hair and dander and mold spores, dead bugs and more. Make sure you use a cleaner that includes a efficient HEPA filter.

. Don’t sweep your hard surface flooring. Sweeping redistributes allergens for the air. Vacuuming your floors, and using a damp mop will make keep the air you and your family breathe cleaner.

. Adopt a policy of no shoes in your home. These will certainly keep outdoor pollutants from entering the home.

. For people who have forced air heating and cooling systems, leave the fan switched to on regularly. It will continually circulate air at home through the furnace filters, removing airborne particulates.

Follow these simple tips, and not only should you have a healthier home, but your carpeting will last longer, as well.

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