Miscellaneous Services - West-Farms-10460

Walls Cleaning

To keep your walls looking at their best Brooklyn Carpet is the team to hire. We ensure to make your walls clean and bright. The entire look of a room depends on how its walls look. You cannot have a beautiful looking room if your room's walls are dirty. Therefore get them cleaned and enhance the look of your room. We are cleaning specialists who can keep your home or place of business well maintained. Safe yet effective cleaning solutions used.

Sanitizing and Disinfection

In this COVID age, it’s even more critical to keep both your homes and offices sanitized. Our disinfection services free your place from harmful viruses and bacteria. These viruses and bacteria can cause allergies, colds, and coughs. We aim to cut the COVID chain to make your spaces safe for human inhabitation. Don’t worry; our guidelines are not as strict as the medical sterilization process. Both sanitization and disinfection are forms of decontamination. Yet both differ in application and result. Sanitization removes microbes and reduces the number of bacteria on any surface. Whereas, disinfection destroys viruses, bacteria, and fungi that are present on inanimate objects. Both the services need a considerable amount of specialized training. We are experts and we get your job done with our advanced technological equipment. Have Brooklyn Carpet sanitize and deodorize your home and office carpets, rugs, upholstery, furniture and drapery.

Window Treatment Repair

Repairing window treatments can depend on the specific issue you're facing. We repair almost all window treatments. Slats won't tilt, blinds won't raise or lower, broken or bent slats, missing or broken clips, difficulty in raising or lowering blinds, cord safety concerns, rips in the fabric, shrinkage, water damage, fire damage. We will remove, repair and rehang your window treatments.

Rug Pads

A rug pad is a material placed under a rug to provide various benefits, including protection for both the rug and the floor beneath it. Some rug pads add an extra layer of cushioning, making the rug more comfortable to walk or sit on. This is especially beneficial in areas where people frequently gather, such as living rooms or bedrooms. We sell a wide variety of rug pads, cut to order.

Rug Blocking

We offer rug blocking (also known as stretching) for rugs from all sides. Are you worried that the rug lost its shape and is uneven now? Well, it's normal to happen due to moving furniture back and forth, high foot traffic. Most rugs require maximum blocking of rugs and hold it in that position inside a block frame. Then place high technology fans underneath the rug until it dries overnight. We repeat the process a few more times if there is still room for more stretching. The result is worth it. Your rug will look great, like when you first bought it.

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